critical elements is a sales capability consultancy specialising in developing Sales Execution Skills in sales teams

We are an acknowledged authority on sales behaviour and regularly consult with, train and coach FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 Companies and SME’s.

Our clients vary from the worlds largest Software company to an Independent Insurance Broker with 8 sales professionals.

Consult & Design

Consult & Design

We consult and design bespoke training programs.

Phase 1: Consultation

We seek to understand in detail your required outcomes.

Skills Training

Skills Training

We execute motivational workshops to build skills and expertise.

Phase 2: Skills training

Highly interactive 2-3 day workshops, led by an expert coach.

Skills Application

Skills Application

We run Skills Application sessions to activate and apply the skills.

Phase 3: Skills application.

We run 2-3 short, punchy, 4-hour group workshops at 4-6 week intervals.

Skills Coaching

Skills Coaching

We run coaching sessions to further embed the skills.

Phase 4: Skills Coaching

121 coaching sessions using telephone or web media, personalised to each individual participant

Phase 1: Consult and design.   We consult with key stakeholders to work out what outcomes you want to get from your investment.  We want to know the challenges and the goals you want us to deliver against.  From this we determine the program content, tools and skills that will get you these results.

Phase 2: Skills training.  We execute on the outcomes of phase 1. Highly interactive workshops, led by a consummate coach using case studies, group/individual exercises where the emphasis is on improving results through building skills and sharing knowledge.

Phase 3:Skills application. In this phase we run 2-3 short, punchy, 3-hour group workshops at 4-6 week intervals with the goal of applying the skills learned in the training phase and turn them into every day habits

Phase 4: Skills coaching. The final phase moves from group interactions to 121 coaching sessions using telephone or web media to completely personalise the program to the individual participant.  Run at 4-6 week intervals these motivational coaching sessions last 40 minutes and leave the participant with a new set of skills and experience of how to apply them in their world.

We change your behaviour and you’ll change your results!

Satisfied Clients

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Feedback From Our Clients

Critical Elements are a trusted and respected brand in Microsoft Dynamics, they do what they say and they do it very well… I can confidently say that they contribute to our continued sales success and development of our sales people.
I’ve worked with Steve for 5 years and I absolutely acknowledge him as an authority on sales capability and an excellent coach.

Derek Flynn

Sales Director, Microsoft Dynamics

For the last 4 years I have closed 110% – 115% of my sales quota. Following the Critical Elements engagement this year I closed 130% and I can absolutely attribute the additional success to the Critical Elements sales coaching.

Patricia Pashazadeh

Head of Debt Capital Markets, Intralinks

If you want to be the best consistently then coaching has to be built into the DNA of your sales organisation through the leadership of the management team. Critical Elements has provided the frameworks and guidance to start this journey. I’ve been lucky to work with and be coached by Steve over the last 4 years; without doubt this has made me a far more effective coach and leader.

Charles Senabulya

UK Sales Director, SAS

Our Clients include FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 Companies

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