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A sales leader has to Manage and Lead to grow sales profitably through others.

There are many things that the sales leader is involved in, however, developing a team of successful sales people is fundamental to sales leadership and effective sales leaders leverage and collaborate with other resources in their organization. 

Most Sales Organisations Promote Their Best Performing Sales People

In a poll of 80 companies that we have worked with, 72 stated that they promote their best sales people to sales leadership roles. Their biggest challenge was then replacing the successful sales person. 

In extreme cases, some sales leaders did not promote their most successful sales people because they felt it would be easier to appoint and onboard an external hire than replace an outstanding sales person!

Successful sales people who are promoted to sales leader tend to continue the behavior they displayed when they were a sales person. 

The newly promoted sales leader is comfortable in the field with their new charges and help them to close deals.  This is helpful for the sales people, however, it’s only a small part of the role. 

The risk however, is that if this is not addressed and developed,  a very successful salesperson can become a mediocre sales leader who isn’t executing on the definition of their role.

The average sales person gets 0.9 days of sales training per year. 

The average sales leader gets 0.2 days of relevant training per year.

A Sales Leader’s Success Depends On The Success of Their Team

The role of sales leader requires very different skills and behavior from that of a sales person. 

If a sales leader is to be successful through others, then it makes sense that their time should be spent developing their team, who they depend upon for their success.  Our research shows that this, unfortunately, rarely happens.  

In our poll, we asked just over 450 sales managers:  “How do you spend your time?”. Their main activities in order of the amount of time spent were

Internal meetings


Reporting up-line


Meeting with sales people, including coaching time, usually pipeline review

Field time with sales people, including coaching time.

The average sales person receives 0.9 days of sales training per year.  The average sales leader receives just 0.2 days of relevant training per year.

Our Sales Development Programs


All of the critical elements sales development programs for sales people include 1-2-1 tele-coaching sessions in the final phase of the program.

For maximum impact and speedy ROI, we always suggest that the sales management team actively take part in the sales development program, so they can coach the skills into their teams more effectively. They also take part in the tele-coaching sessions.

Interestingly whilst the sales people always want to be coached on how they can use their new skills to improve their performance, the majority of sales leaders prefer to be coached on their people.

Sales leaders  intuitively know that,  whilst as a sales person it’s essential to understand your customer’s needs, their priority becomes understanding their sales people’s needs.

critical element’s sales leadership development program, like all our programs, is customized to the client and consists exclusively of 1-2-1 sales leadership coaching sessions with group workshops, followed by application sessions .

Sales Leadership Development Program


Like all our programs, our Sales Leadership Development program is customized to the client and consists exclusively of 1-2-1 sales leadership coaching sessions with group workshops, followed by application sessions.


The Sales Leadership Development program is a very robust training program for sales leaders, which focusses on sales leadership and management skills, including:


Measurement and control

Profiling the team

Observational coaching

Giving feedback

Pipeline management

Knowing when to manage and when to lead

The power of Emotional Intelligence


For more information on our Sales Leadership Development Program please contact us and we’ll call you back to start the conversation.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Critical Elements are a Microsoft Globally Approved Vendor and this is how we were first introduced to them as we are a Microsoft Global SI.

It’s vital to our sales process that we really understand our customer’s business and after the initial exposure to their methods, I was impressed enough with Critical Elements to engage directly with them to help us develop advanced consultancy skills in our sales and presales team.

Our sales people are highly professional and competent, so the first challenge the Critical Elements Coach had was one of credibility. He achieved this through an intelligent consultancy piece which resulted in a very engaging and relevant skills workshop, where everyone was bought in within a couple of hours. This engagement was a huge success and had an immediate and observable positive impact in terms of team and individual behaviours, which can make all the difference in complex sales situations.

Their process is quite different to anything I’ve seen before and whilst it’s a longer engagement it does deliver results!

Simon Drake

Senior Vice President - Sales, Marketing and Alliances, Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd- Business Solution Group

We recognised our Account Executives needed investment in the form of professional sales development and having interviewed several below par off the shelf propositions, we were referred to Critical Elements.

We had a good quality consultation, with Steve Gough resulting in a carefully planned programme and some honest feedback which has helped us work together to deliver a robust and consistent improvement in how our sales team performs.

The sessions have been planned, delivered and de-briefed resulting in better performance, our team recognised the investment we have made and increased sales. Personally, having watched Steve’s delivery in the sessions and how he engages with our sales team and I would have no hesitation in recommending him and Critical Elements to work with any business who has a desire and commitment to improve sales performance.

Steve Swift

Development Manager, McClarrons Insurance Ltd

Critical Elements have delivered two sales capability programs to our account executives in the last 2 years. The key difference with Critical Elements is that they are not sales training courses but skills development sessions tailored to individual’s and the business needs and then followed up with skills application sessions and 121 coaching sessions.

Every member of the team that has worked with Steve Gough of Critical Elements has improved both their new business and client retention performance and he has personally helped me become a better leader of the sales team. If you are in a client facing role and want to win more clients and retain your existing book then you need to invest in your people and Steve delivers the best return on investment I have come across in 20 years.

If insurers want to help their brokers win business then they need assist them with investing in the right training and Steve certainly delivers that.

Mike Shaw

Director, Wilby Limited - Chartered Insurance Broker

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