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“Why should I coach my Sales People?”

Why should I coach my sales people?  There isn’t a high performing team of people on the planet who are not coached regularly and effectively… why should sales people be any different?  Yet, the average sales person receives less than 2 hours coaching per week, 5% of their time.  We have yet to meet a sales leader who thinks this is OK!  So why do you think this happens?

“What is a Sales Value Proposition and How Do I Get One?”

“What is a sales value proposition and How do I get one”? An SVP could be defined as “A statement which clearly articulates the key differentiators and tangible / intangible benefits a client gets from using a company’s product or service and the value they deliver.  It should be a dynamic proposition which can be adapted depending upon the target client group.” 19% of sales people don’t use a sales value proposition in a meeting and 81% of sales meetings do not progress to the next stage in closing the opportunity, hmmm…Go figure! (source Cranfield Business School) When a sales person fails to completely differentiate their offer in a pitch the customer will differentiate it for them and guess what criteria they will use?

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